Tensie Whelan spoke about some practical examples and results on how waste management generates cost reduction and increased revenue for companies that adopt Sustainable Capitalism models.

The teacher also gave a brief overview on climate change, increased social inequality and the relationship between brands and society.

Video in English

Video with Portuguese subtitles

Tensie Whelan is a clinical professor for Business and Society and director of the Center for Sustainable Business at the New York University Stern School of Business. Whelan has 25 years of experience working with environmental, local, national and international sustainability issues to involve companies in proactive and innovative sustainability integration.

Whelan's goal, as she defines herself, is to help ensure a better world through better business practices, working with companies, the civil society and governments to transform obsolete management practices into innovative, risk-reducing approaches, products and services that create value to people and the planet.

She was one of the speakers at the 3rd edition of Economics of Change, promoted by Qintess. In her speech she brought some practical examples of the implementation of Sustainable Capitalism in companies in which she advised.

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