Paula Moreno spoke about her role as a former minister in Colombia and in Manos Visibles.

She also spoke about the necessary measures to generate opportunities and social inclusion for new leaders.

Video in English

Video with Portuguese subtitles

Paula Moreno has been recognized by the UN as one of the most influential Afro-descendant leaders in the world, by BBC as one of the top 100 women leaders in the world and by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world. She was the youngest Afro-Colombian woman to hold a ministerial position. In 2010, she founded Visible Hands, an organization focused on empowering peripheral communities to change power relations in Colombia and the world.

Moreno was one of the panelists at the 3rd edition of Economics of Change, which addressed Sustainable Capitalism in a world of change. She explained how it is possible to achieve social inclusion by redistributing and sharing many things that are considered privileges.

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